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Ghanshyam Maheshwari

“Sales in the last quarter OND 2021, including the festive season have been 10 percent lower compared to last year. Our turnover this festive season was Rs 70 lakhs. We expect our annual turnover in 2021 to be Rs 3.5 crore.

LG’s products were in great demand this festive season. The company offered attractive schemes like cashback and longer warranty. LG’s prices are reasonable.

Pre-pandemic, 80 percent of our sales was in cash. This festive season, 50 percent of consumers resorted to finance schemes.

Our sales weren’t affected by online retailers. We sold our products at a lower price than them. If a product’s online price is lower than ours, we remove that product from our display.

I would encourage other dealers to pressurize manufacturers to not sell to online dealers.”

Brands retailed: LG and Daikin.

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