• Lights, Camera, Action…The show goes on

    India can cater to international demand by creating an end-to-end production ecosystem. Production ecosystem will encourage foreign producers to create content in India, make India a major content exporter, boost…Read More

  • E-commerce in new tech-driven India

    New operating models will emerge and e-commerce models evolve once COVID-19 is behind us. Cross sectors are expected to collaborate more than ever. Businesses will expand into various verticals to…Read More

  • Samsung Electronics

    Samsung Electronics

    The financial information in this document are consolidated earnings results based on K-IFRS. This document is provided for the convenience of investors only, before the external review on our Q3 2020 financial results is completed. The review outcomes may cause some parts of this document to change.

  • Enabling the next wave of e-commerce in India

    Enabling the next wave of e-commerce in India

    While the service providers with a differentiated proposition could stand to gain going forward, there is ample market growth available for incumbents to grow and sustain. The Indian retail landscape…Read More

  • A year off-script

    A year off-script

    While the numbers definitely show that the Indian M&E sector has gone off-script in terms of its growth trajectory, the time is ripe for reflection, recalibration, and a subsequent revival….Read More

  • Media industry embraces streaming transformation

    Media industry embraces streaming transformation

    DTC streaming services are creating tremendous opportunities for legacy media companies while, at the same time, transforming the industry and driving new finance, tax, marketing, regulatory, and operational requirements. Media…Read More

  • Will non-metro markets propel India’s recovery?

    Will non-metro markets propel India’s recovery?

    As the lockdown eases in parts and India tries to get back to normalcy, the report deep dives into understanding the consumer sentiment, categories and geographies where marketers can focus on and expect to see a faster recovery.

  • Chilling Prospects

    Chilling Prospects

    The report and analysis were developed by a team from Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) that includes: Brian Dean, Ben Hartley, Alvin Jose, Sejla Mehic, Clotilde Rossi di Schio and Alice Uwamaliya. The SEforALL team was led by Brian Dean.

  • Consumer sentiment is evolving

    Consumer sentiment is evolving

    As restrictions lift and pockets of spending return, consumer behavior begins to adapt to the next normal. The COVID-19 crisis continues, but as geographies around the world begin to reopen,…Read More

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