• Self-reliance still a mirage?

    Self-reliance still a mirage?

    India has the potential to emerge as the next hub for manufacturing TV not only for the Indian markets, but also for the global market. However, no real manufacturing growth…Read More

  • Stability in 2021, a far-off dream

    Stability in 2021, a far-off dream

    After being cooped up for more than a year, consumers in developed countries will be eager to enjoy increased freedom, and since many consumers have upgraded their TVs in 2020,…Read More

  • Catering to the discerning customer

    Catering to the discerning customer

    Three brands, Samsung, LG, and Sony have a combined revenue share of 86 percent in the global advanced TV market. They are not strictly comparable as Samsung is ahead at…Read More

  • Televisions poised for recovery

    Televisions poised for recovery

    A V-shaped recovery is in the charts for 3Q20. Panel manufacturers will likely consolidate in advance via capacity reduction, M&A, or fab acquisitions, leading to a more comprehensive and well-integrated…Read More

  • Market comes to a standstill

    Market comes to a standstill

    TV brands are stepping up their panel procurement efforts in 3Q20 to raise their market shares, and to reach their yearly shipment targets, in turn driving up TV panel prices…Read More

  • Anticipating rebound in demand

    Anticipating rebound in demand

    Looking out a bit further, the picture for 2021 will depend heavily on the path of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2H20, along with the corresponding economic impact. The supply/demand picture…Read More

  • The rise and fall of 3D TVs

    The rise and fall of 3D TVs

    While no new 3D TVs have been introduced in the last few years, the question remains afloat if they can make a successful comeback in the future. In cinemas, modern…Read More

  • A hugely sought after ecosystem

    A hugely sought after ecosystem

    As the industry navigates the inevitable and unstoppable merger between the worlds of television and digital video, OTT has emerged as the most popular term in entertainment The evolution of…Read More

  • Facing headwinds, eyeing opportunities

    Facing headwinds, eyeing opportunities

    As the extent and duration of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains uncertain, some relief is expected from the pent-up demand, replacement buying, and servicing backlog. As in…Read More

  • Facing the harsh reality

    Facing the harsh reality

    The crisis comes at an interesting time for the display market. Prices are at or around cash cost in TVs. There have been huge losses in the TV market, caused…Read More

  • The ever-changing world of innovations

    The ever-changing world of innovations

    As technology continues to revolutionize today’s daily lives, it will be interesting to see how consumer electronics and appliances manufacturers will make far-reaching changes in new and innovative ways. The…Read More

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