Water Heaters

  • Keeping pace with innovation

    Keeping pace with innovation

    The possibilities in the industry are new and evolving as the brands are setting the groundwork for significant future innovation. Water heating is one of the topmost concerns for homeowners…Read More

  • Witnessing Substantial Growth

    Witnessing Substantial Growth

    With the increasing competition among the leading manufacturers, the water heater market is poised to witness increased innovations and product offerings in the forthcoming years. Various technological advancements and product…Read More

  • A Global Pause

    A Global Pause

    While the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on business will play out over the next few quarters, the situation continues to look tough. China is a key source of components…Read More

  • Heating Up Market Opportunities

    Heating Up Market Opportunities

    Owning a water heater was once considered to be an epitome of luxury. But that credo has changed over the last five years. Major players of the water heating industry…Read More

  • Enhancing Consumer Lifestyle

    Enhancing Consumer Lifestyle

    With smart and connected an accepted norm, the HA makers are moving toward offering models, which enhance the consumer’s lifestyle and make their lives convenient. Electric household appliances market is…Read More

  • Gaining A  Technical Edge

    Gaining A Technical Edge

    While appliances businesses till now have been contemplating the future with smart technology, 2018 is the year when buyers are finally seeing what is in store. The home appliances market…Read More

  • Climbing the Evolutionary Ladder

    Climbing the Evolutionary Ladder

    Technology trends of 2017 were big and impactful, with AI topping the charts, along with on-demand workforce platforms and designing for the human experience. In 2018, technology is set to…Read More

  • Bringing Innovation

    Bringing Innovation

    Water heaters continue to be a niche requirement, with the country’s climate being more tropical and hot for most months of the year. Water heaters are emerging as technologically advanced…Read More

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