• Enhancing Consumer Lifestyle

    Enhancing Consumer Lifestyle

    With smart and connected an accepted norm, the HA makers are moving toward offering models, which enhance the consumer’s lifestyle and make their lives convenient. Electric household appliances market is…Read More

  • A Stagnant Market

    A Stagnant Market

    The refrigerator market has been experiencing sustainable growth in recent years due to increasing demand for consumer goods, rapid economic growth, increasing demand for refrigerated food products, easy consumer finance,…Read More

  • Gaining A  Technical Edge

    Gaining A Technical Edge

    While appliances businesses till now have been contemplating the future with smart technology, 2018 is the year when buyers are finally seeing what is in store. The home appliances market…Read More

  • Climbing the Evolutionary Ladder

    Climbing the Evolutionary Ladder

    Technology trends of 2017 were big and impactful, with AI topping the charts, along with on-demand workforce platforms and designing for the human experience. In 2018, technology is set to…Read More

  • Poised for Another Good Year

    Poised for Another Good Year

    Manufacturers are expanding their distribution channels for refrigerators, making major inroads into the rural market, and creating environment-friendly products to enhance their respective market shares as well as increase the…Read More

  • The Cold Versatility

    The Cold Versatility

    Refrigerators are no longer merely storage devices for food, but are devices that families use together. They are a central kitchen appliance, and will soon allow people to communicate and…Read More

  • Home Automation Gains Ground in India

    Home Automation Gains Ground in India

    Automation is clearly a priority and companies are actively exploring the potential to drive growth in home automation in India. India is racing toward Industry 4.0 and automation is changing…Read More

  • A Bright Future Ahead

    A Bright Future Ahead

    The future of consumer appliances in India looks bright in the coming years, with an increase in the penetration of appliances expected. The home appliances market is passing through a…Read More

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