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Anil Agarwal

“Our expectations from this Diwali season were low. Considering this, we’re satisfied with sales during this season. This year sales increased by 25 percent compared to last year. However, sales decreased by more than 50 percent compared to 2019. I expect this year’s annual turnover to touch Rs 30 lakh.

The brands I carry offered schemes, but I didn’t take advantage of them because I already had inventory with me. My expectations from this season were low, so I didn’t order new stock. Among brands, the greatest demand was for LG. But I carry very few units made by this brand.

The global supply chain disruption is affecting my business. The inventory I ordered didn’t arrive on time this season. If it had, sales would have increased.

More people than before are using financing. Approximately 50 percent of my customers finance their purchases.

Online retailers are having a huge impact on my business. My business is in a remote area. But online retailers have a huge presence here. Hence, my sales have decreased by more than 50 percent.”

Brands retailed: Godrej, Phillips, Micromax, and Panasonic





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