Washing Machines

  • Washing Machines-stagnating market

    Washing Machines-stagnating market

    The washing machines segment has been somewhat derailed. Poised at an annual increase of 10–11 percent since the last few years, at best FY21 will see the market at 7…Read More

  • A Global Pause

    A Global Pause

    While the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on business will play out over the next few quarters, the situation continues to look tough. China is a key source of components…Read More

  • Silent Performers

    With the concept of customer as the foundation of growth, Haier has become India’s leading brand in home appliances by creating a niche with continuous innovations that align with our…Read More

  • A Mixed 1HFY20

    A Mixed 1HFY20

    A close look at sales figures of 1HFY20 versus 1HFY19 reveals interesting trends with the underlying fact that summer of 2019 was favorable for cooling products. The CE, HA, and…Read More

  • Enhancing Consumer Lifestyle

    Enhancing Consumer Lifestyle

    With smart and connected an accepted norm, the HA makers are moving toward offering models, which enhance the consumer’s lifestyle and make their lives convenient. Electric household appliances market is…Read More

  • Gaining A  Technical Edge

    Gaining A Technical Edge

    While appliances businesses till now have been contemplating the future with smart technology, 2018 is the year when buyers are finally seeing what is in store. The home appliances market…Read More

  • Moving Toward Larger Capacities

    Moving Toward Larger Capacities

    The washing machines industry at a 12.4 percent CAGR over the last 5 years is now giving better realization as consumer preference is moving toward larger capacity and premium models. The…Read More

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