Air Conditioners

  • Coronavirus, The Culprit?

    Coronavirus, The Culprit?

    2020 may just be the first year, when the AC market is heading for a decline since 2011. The Indian air conditioners market is estimated at 6.8 million units in…Read More

  • Mapping The Refrigerant Trends In India

    Mapping The Refrigerant Trends In India

    As the market opens up more for HCs, the industry might find greater clarity in adopting HC-based refrigerants in the coming decade. India has been responsible for almost 10 percent…Read More

  • The Cooling Imperative

    The Cooling Imperative

    Policymakers will play a critical role in enabling the transition to the efficient, climate-friendly model of cooling. Some innovations stand as symbols of modernity and economic transformation, from the shipping…Read More

  • A New Twist On Refrigeration

    An international team of researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas and Nankai University, China, has discovered a new refrigeration technology based on twisting and untwisting fibers. The team…Read More

  • A Mixed 1HFY20

    A Mixed 1HFY20

    A close look at sales figures of 1HFY20 versus 1HFY19 reveals interesting trends with the underlying fact that summer of 2019 was favorable for cooling products. The CE, HA, and…Read More

  • Marketing Consumer Electronics In India

    Marketing Consumer Electronics In India

    A new McKinsey metric helps Indian marketers get buyers’ attention at the beginning of their decision journey – when it counts the most. Gaining a spot in the initial consideration…Read More

  • The Air-Conditioning Trap

    The Air-Conditioning Trap

    As the world gets hotter, handling power outage becomes a common occurrence for the city electricity authorities. The fear is that parts of the grid could be heading for a…Read More

  • Brands Go Big On Smart ACs

    Brands Go Big On Smart ACs

    With connectivity on the rise, brands are going all out for smart air conditioners – ACs that can connect to the home Wi-Fi system and be controlled via an app….Read More

  • Climate change fuels demand  for ACs

    Climate change fuels demand for ACs

    With global air-conditioning usage poised to more than double between now and 2040, AC makers face the challenge to incorporate more energy-efficient units to offset the potential rise in emissions….Read More

  • Portable ACs Gaining Attention

    Portable ACs Gaining Attention

    The consumer is in for another treat as brands bend backwards to introduce another segment of air conditioners. Perfect for a spread of cooling space, portable air conditioners are nice…Read More

  • Solving the Cooling Challenge

    Solving the Cooling Challenge

    India faces a daunting problem: how to provide access to cooling to its citizens without warming the planet. The demand for comfort cooling is expected to drive the total stock…Read More

  • A Promising, Yet Stagnant Market

    A Promising, Yet Stagnant Market

    The air conditioners market has everything going for it, competitive pricing, world-class products, at the consumer end-a higher disposable income, a growing trend of nuclear families along with urbanization and…Read More

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