Air Conditioners

  • Leading to a seismic shift in consumer behavior

    Leading to a seismic shift in consumer behavior

    Retail businesses have a unique opportunity to reset and rebuild for the longer term. How they help consumers navigate the pandemic will influence their future success. Consumer habits have changed—and…Read More

  • Technology is back

    Technology is back

    Every year, Germany’s massive Messe Berlin complex is taken over by the world’s leading technology companies, revealing their upcoming releases ready for Christmas and heading into next year, as well…Read More

  • India heading to be a hub for mobile phones

    India heading to be a hub for mobile phones

    With the July 31 deadline for applications over, specific manufacturing plan from manufacturers is awaited. The government had in June started inviting applications for three schemes, PLI, Scheme for Promotion…Read More

  • Seizing the benefits of cooling efficiency

    Seizing the benefits of cooling efficiency

    Efficient and climate-friendly cooling is a crucial piece of the climate and sustainable-development puzzle. Without policy intervention, direct and indirect emissions from air conditioning and refrigeration are projected to rise…Read More

  • Playing it cool!

    Playing it cool!

    Demand for cooling systems is soaring in Asia, but the biggest manufacturers of energy-guzzling air conditioners are failing to respond to climate concerns. Global energy demand from cooling technologies is…Read More

  • Cooling – More efforts needed

    Cooling – More efforts needed

    High-performance AC units available on the market could cut cooling-energy demand in half, if widely diffused. Energy demand for space cooling has more than tripled since 1990, making it the…Read More

  • Coronavirus, The Culprit?

    Coronavirus, The Culprit?

    2020 may just be the first year, when the AC market is heading for a decline since 2011. The Indian air conditioners market is estimated at 6.8 million units in…Read More

  • Mapping The Refrigerant Trends In India

    Mapping The Refrigerant Trends In India

    As the market opens up more for HCs, the industry might find greater clarity in adopting HC-based refrigerants in the coming decade. India has been responsible for almost 10 percent…Read More

  • The Cooling Imperative

    The Cooling Imperative

    Policymakers will play a critical role in enabling the transition to the efficient, climate-friendly model of cooling. Some innovations stand as symbols of modernity and economic transformation, from the shipping…Read More

  • A New Twist On Refrigeration

    An international team of researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas and Nankai University, China, has discovered a new refrigeration technology based on twisting and untwisting fibers. The team…Read More

  • A Mixed 1HFY20

    A Mixed 1HFY20

    A close look at sales figures of 1HFY20 versus 1HFY19 reveals interesting trends with the underlying fact that summer of 2019 was favorable for cooling products. The CE, HA, and…Read More

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