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France is studying a durability index for home appliances

The second year after the introduction in France of the repairability index of home appliances is going to end. The index indicates to consumers the level of repairability of the appliance thanks to a score ranging from 0 to 10. This system provided for by the Anti-waste law and for a Circular Economy aims to encourage consumers to choose repairable equipment by introducing this new comparison tool at the time of purchase. Recently the repairability index has been extended to top washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and high-pressure cleaners.

Gifam, the French association of home appliances manufarcturer, said brands wanted to strengthen their commitments in favor of consumer information and repairability. In order to bring together in one place the repairability indices of the products that are subject to it, the household appliance brands united within Gifam, in collaboration with Agoragroup, the IT specialist in managing the sale of spare parts to repairers, have launched a platform dedicated to the repairability index: “”. Aimed at both consumers and professionals in the sector (manufacturers and distributors), this site aims to list all the repairability indices for the products concerned.

Finally, work towards a durability index began in spring 2022 and is ongoing. Gifam is currently co-piloting the working groups for the creation of this new index, which will initially concern the pilot products of the repairability index (front loading washing machine, smartphone, laptop computer, lawn mower and television) with starting from from 2024. As with the repairability index, all the stakeholders, and in particular the manufacturers and distributors, are particularly committed to ensuring that the information intended for the consumer is accurate and relevant. Home Appliances World

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