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China big fund stepping up investment in homegrown memory sector

China’s big funds are stepping up national investment Memory sector In line with the promotion of IC self-sufficiency.Meanwhile, the world’s leading memory chip makers are their QLC NAND chip Looking at the output, the demand from both the PC segment and the server segment will increase. Also, IDM, Foxconn, BYD, Third generation semiconductor, Aiming for EV applications.

China Big Fund Strengthens Investment in Home Memory Sector: According to industry sources, more China-based memory makers will receive cash injections from the government as China’s national IC industrial investment fund (big fund) strengthens its investment in the domestic memory sector.

A chip maker preparing for the launch of QLC NAND chip output: According to industry sources, major NAND flash chip suppliers are preparing to increase the output of multi-level cell (QLC) NAND chips between the end of this year and 2022 in anticipation of strong demand for data center applications as well as PCs. Is done.

Deepening deployment with IDM, Foxconn, BYD GaN and SiC devices: International IDM, Taiwan’s EMS leader Foxconn, China’s semiconductor and EV vendor BYD Group are all expected to be used on a large scale in wireless communications and EV charging applications, 3rd generation semiconductors GaN and SiC Greatly deepened deployment on devices. Silicon-based semiconductors with high power density and wide bandgap (WBG) characteristics, according to industry sources. Worldakkam

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