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AlphaGen Hits New Revenue High and Achieves Exceptional 4th Quarter Results: Positive Earnings and 780% Revenue Surge

Alpha has achieved record financial performance for the second consecutive quarter, surpassing $949,000 in revenues for the three months ended June 30, 2023, reaching approximately $2 million in revenue for the year ended June 30, 2023.

A significant contributor to the Company’s financial success has been a long-term contract to create and launch a large retail metaverse for a multi-billion-dollar international brand. In addition, the Company has expanded its offerings into additional verticals, including leveraging generative AI to create digital production efficiencies as well as continued focus on our gaming-as-a-service platform. The Company’s GaaS platform, Mana, empowers business to access a powerful competitive gaming platform, enabling customers to enhance user engagement and monetization.

Brian Wilneff, CEO of Alpha, commented “I share immense pride with the management team in the achievements of this quarter and this fiscal year. It has been an intensely focused year, during which the company met and exceeded all of its revenue goals and objectives, with the bulk of new revenue coming from 3D content production services and venturing into new business verticals, such as the launch of our AI Center of Excellence.

Our strategic expansion into the use of AI, focused initially on cost savings and efficiency in creative and 3D asset production, has ushered in a wave of exciting possibilities for future growth and innovation. When added to prior innovations such as our Mana GaaS (gaming as service platform), these deliberate moves underscore our commitment to diversification and our keen awareness of the benefit of staying at the forefront of evolving market trends

Continued Wilneff,I am grateful to our exceptional team whose unwavering dedication has made these accomplishments possible. Together, we seek to set new standards of success as we shape what is expected of us. This exceptional quarter stands as a pivotal milestone in our ongoing journey, as we persistently strive for a prosperous future for our Company, our customers and stakeholders.

All financial information contained in this news release is reported in CAD. We ask readers to please reference the June 30, 2023 audited financial statements and MD&A filed on SEDAR PLUS for further information regarding the Company’s financial results. GlobenewsWire

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