Xiaomi’s TV Brand Continues Dominance Of The Indian Smart TV Market

Xiaomi‘s foray into the Indian smart TV market began in 2018. However, the Chinese company has made tremendous progress. Recent data from research outfit IDC shows that Xiaomi’s smart TV controls a 39% share of the market in India. This data was amplified by Xiaomi TV’s official Weibo handle earlier.

The chart shows the top 4 spots are occupied by Xiaomi in the first position followed by LG. The third and fourth spots are occupied by Sony and Samsung respectively. What is even more interesting is that Xiaomi’s market share is double what each of the other three OEMs achieved in India in Q1 2019. LG recorded a 15% market share while Sony recorded a 14% market share. Samsung had a 12% share of the market in Q1 2019.

Analysis of the data shows Xiaomi even sold almost the same number of units of smart TVs as the other three combined. We say so because if you add up the market share (in percentage) of the other three OEMs, it adds up to 41%, just 2% higher than Xiaomi’s market share.

Fora company that launched its first smart TV for India, the  Mi LED TV 4 PRO 55” in February 2018, this is no mean feat. We can recall that on its first flash sales, the TV sold out in under 10 seconds even with its Rs. 39,999 ($624) price tag. In subsequent months, Xiaomi launched cheaper models of its TVs – the Mi LED TV 4A 32” and the Mi LED TV 4A 43” which were priced at Rs. 13,999 ($190) and Rs. 22,999 ($313) respectively. The Chinese tech giant has also added the Mi LED TV 4C PRO 32” and Mi LED TV 4A PRO 49” to its inventory.

As a result of the premium quality and cheap pricing of Xiaomi’s TVs, by Q2 2018, the company had already emerged as the market leader in the smart TV category. Xiaomi’s TVs are not just cheaper than that of the competition in India, they are also customized for the market. Owners can connect their set-top boxes to the TV and view the content alongside online content instead of switching from one to the other. The bundled remote with the TV also works with the connected set-top box. The company also opened a new TV factory in India late last year in order to increase supply.―Gizmochina

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