Xiaomi’s MIJIA Sub-Brand Will Launch A 600-Gallon Water Purifier

Xiaomi’s MIJIA sub-brand has announced via its official Weibo page that it would be launching a new water purifier under the Youpin crowdfunding platform. The product will be launched on April 17.

The Weibo post doesn’t say much about the product but what stands out among the little details revealed is that the water purifier is capable of purifying 600 gallons of water which obviously means a faster flow rate. There are other 600-gallon water purifiers in the domestic market with prices ranging from 4000 – 8000 yuan. However, we expect the MIJIA model to be cheaper. According to the previous cost performance of Xiaomi, it shouldn’t exceed 3000 yuan.

This upcoming product will be Xiaomi’s first water purifier with a 600-gallon purification capacity. The existing three models which Xiaomi has under its name are all 400-gallon water purifiers and so, the new product speed is increased by 50%. The quality is expected also to be topnotch. A survey released in October last year by the Beijing Consumers Association showed that there are 27 brands of commercially available water purifiers in the city. Twenty-one of the purifiers are reverse osmosis water purifiers and six others are general water quality processors. The survey showed that the water purification rate of MIJIA water purifier is the highest with a value of 69.33%.―Gizmochina

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