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Xiaomi officially changes the MIJIA brand name to Xiaomi Smart Life

For more than five years, Xiaomi has been launching various gadgets for the smart home system on the market, and all of these products are part of its proprietary ecosystem, Mijia. For such a long period of time, the company has managed to create and launch a vast number of different gadgets that can work within the framework of a smart platform.

This ecosystem allows users to manage these devices directly from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Such devices have gained widespread popularity and prevalence in both China and other countries. Now, the brand has announced that it will abandon the Mijia name in favor of a new one, namely Xiaomi Smart Life. Also Read – Xiaomi alone witnessed strong global smartphone sales growth in Q1 2020 amid Covid-19

Xiaomi Smart Life will group the Mijia product set

In order to promote its products on the international market outside of China. The company has decided to rename its own brand Mijia into Xiaomi Smart Life name. Therefore, from now on, all new electronic devices will be included in this ecosystem. And, all existing Mijia products will be called Xiaomi Smart Life. This, in turn, should make it easier for people to recognize the Xiaomi brand solely.

Surprisingly, Xiaomi has decided to use the old Mijia logo as they did not change it to a new one. Replacing only the name and nothing more. All currently available devices that are part of the Mijia brand will continue to receive the developers’ full software support. Therefore, in this regard, users do not have to worry about future updates and warranty repair. Since all previously released gadgets will still remain entirely relevant.

Renaming will not affect the general concept that Xiaomi has chosen for its sub-brand and its various products. The changes are purely nominal in purpose. Currently, the Mijia brand includes various products such as washing machines, rice cookers, air conditioners, locks, lamps, light bulbs, sockets, and much more.


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