Xiaomi Launches The MIJIA Internet Washing Machine And Dryer Pro

Xiaomi held a launch conference where a total of eight products were announced. No doubt the smart wearables carried the day with the Mi Band 4, Amazfit Verge 2, Amazfit Verge Lite, Amazfit Health Watch all making their debut. The tech giant also launched a couple of smart products under the MIJIA brand. One of them is the MIJIA Smart Washing Machine and Dryer Pro with a 10kg washing capacity.

This model can be regarded as an upgraded version of the first gen model that was launched in March this year. The first gen. model was launched as a set of washing machine and a dryer and the set comes with a hefty price tag of 5499 yuan ($727). The washing machine alone costs just 1999 yuan ($297) but then you’ll have to shell out an additional 3999 yuan ($529) if you want the dryer. It isn’t so this time around, as the MIJIA Internet Washing Machine and Dryer Pro is priced at 2999 yuan ($433) and comes equipped with both the washing machine and dryer in one.

The Mijia Internet washing and drying machine Pro supports smart dispensing of detergent and also has a remote control function using Xiaomi’s universal remote control. This means you can remotely control washing and drying by placing dirty clothes in the washing machine. The device also comes with the highest A+ efficiency standard. It simulates the hand-washing, smashing, wringing and shaking process with higher intensity and higher frequency so that the washing ratio reaches 1.11 super high value.

Not only that, the Mijia Internet washing and drying machine adopts micro-steam nursing technology, and the hot air with a wind speed of up to 18m/s in the laundry compartment quickly penetrates the fabric, and after the pressure-expanding and soft finishing, the fabric fiber is restored to the fabric. Soft and elastic, it removes 99% of the bacteria while strong winds blow away the dust.

More importantly, it uses the industry-leading BLDC variable frequency motor to precisely control the washing rhythm. This motor is stable and efficient, and more energy-efficient and quiet. The maximum dehydration speed is 1400 rpm, and the dehydration and drying time is fast and efficient.

Xiaomi also showcased the MIJIA Internet Washing Machine and Dryer Pro with a washing capacity of 8kg. In addition to the washing mode, the washing machine is touted to have a weft removal rate of up to 97.14%. At the same time, it utilises a 1200 conversion frequency energy-saving motor and also supports 12 modes. The gadget will be officially launched on June 16 and will come with a 1,699 yuan ($245) price tag―Gizmochina

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