Xiaomi launches a bezel-less Mi TV 43

Xiaomi‘s latest performance report for the first quarter of 2020 revealed among other things that the company’s TV brand is ranked among the top 4 smart TV brands globally and the first in China. The company’s rise to prominence, just like on its smartphone division, is mainly hinged on the drive to provide amazing smart TVs at affordable pricing. The company has now launched a new Mi TV 43″ model with the model number E43K. What makes this new product interesting is the 1099 yuan (~$155) price tag slapped on the new model.

Xiaomi presently has a couple of other 43-inch models including E43X, E43C, and E43A, all priced at 1199 yuan ($169). The new E43K model is 100 yuan cheaper and that is because the model doesn’t have Bluetooth onboard. Since there is no Bluetooth connectivity, the new model utilises the standard infrared remote control as against the Bluetooth remote which the other 43-inch versions feature.

The new Mi TV E43K has a 43-inch fullscreen display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The product utilises a bezel-less design which gives an immersive viewing. This is made possible as the screen uses a new generation of adhesives that ensure the screen is firmly bonded to the structural component.

The Mi smart TV is equipped with a 64-bit dual-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM and there is 8GBof internal storage. The TV supports wireless projection, DTS decoding, and has a built-in PatchWall artificial intelligence TV system. The PatchWall system not only provides access to a large database of contents but also enables the user to view smart home devices and receiving devices.

The TV also features WiFi connectivity which enables the wireless projection allowing the TV to serve as a screen for a projector even without an HDMI cable. The TV has a rich blend of interfaces which allows it to be connected to computers, game consoles, external audio equipment, etc.


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