Xiaomi Crowdfunds Washing Machine And Dryer Set

Xiaomi keeps increasing the number of products under its crowdfunding platform. The latest product is a washing machine bundled with a heat pump dryer which can be sold separately. Dubbed Fa Le Wash set, it includes a 10kg inverter drum washing machine and a 9kg heat pump dryer. The set comes with a hefty price tag of 5499 yuan ($727) but the washing machine alone costs just 1999 yuan ($297). The dryer can also be purchased separately for 3999 yuan ($529).

The Fa Le washing machine and dryer set comes with similar size and design. However, they are so light that they can be stacked on top of each other in other to conserve space. Both appliances can also be placed side by side. The French-styled dryer uses heat pump drying technology to make the drying better and faster. The two-layer filter has better water vapor and dander treatment. Compared with the traditional condensing dryer, the French pump dryer heat pump drying technology can output about 3 times of heating efficiency under the same energy consumption, with an innovative silent fluid design. The washing machine up to A+ level drying energy efficiency and can dry clothes as fast as 35 minutes. The dryer also provides up to 99.99% sterilization rate. It equally has built-in ironing feature that reduces wrinkles for easy direct ironing.

The entire dryer machine adopts a silent fluid design with an optimized impeller. This increases the cross-sectional area of the hot air duct and reduces the wind speed. The noise detected by the Chinese household appliances test is less than 62dB when drying, which is lower than the normal conversation sound of people. It uses BLDC variable frequency motor with a maximum dehydration speed of up to 1400 rpm.―Gizmochina

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