Xiaomi-Backed Viomi Launches Yunmi S2 600G Water Purifier In China

Xiaomi-backed smart home products company Viomi had launched the Yunmi S2 internet water purifier with 400G flux last year. Today, the company has announced an upgrade for the same, which comes in the form of Yunmi S2 600G.

The newly launched Yunmi S2 600G internet cloud-meter water purifier. As the name indicates, this upgraded model comes with 600G large flux instead of 400G flux, promising almost zero wait-time for the water to be discharged.

The company also says that it can fill a full glass of water within eight seconds, which is an upgrade over 10 seconds in its predecessor. Further, the company has changed faucet from the ordinary one to the small blue-light faucet which can provide changing reminder in time, without the need of an app to track it.

The original model, launched last tear, integrated the traditional 4-level filter into two, offering the effect of the same 4-level filtration — PP filter element, front carbon rod filter element, rear carbon rod filter element and RO reverse osmosis filter element.

Yunmi S2 600G upgrades the filtration to the 4+1 method, which is claimed to have reached the RO-5 level filtration and the quality of the water has reached the standard of packaged drinking water.

It is also quite easy to replace as the user needs to just twist and pull it out gently for replacing the filter. The filter is claimed to effectively purify harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metals and antibiotics from the water.

The company says that it has redesigned the waterways and has upgraded the system for water efficiency and thus, the net water production ratio is now 66 percent. Based on this, Viomi says that a family of three can save 1460L of water per year, which is equivalent to 2,920 water bottles.

As for the pricing, the newly launched Yunmi S2 600G Water Purifier is priced at 1,999 yuan which roughly converts to $286. However, the company currently offers a discount of 701 yuan (~$100) through coupon, bringing down the cost to 1,298 yuan, about $186.―Gizmochina

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