Why Mitsubishi Electric ACs Series Is An Ideal Pick For Every Indian Household

It’s March already and India has begun to face the scorching sun. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), in its outlook for summer 2019, has warned many Indian cities of heat wave and warmer days.

As a result, the demand for cooling systems will rise in the country, especially the air conditioners. .

To cater to the rising demand and provide comfort in all climatic conditions, Mitsubishi Electric has come out with a new range of 5-star air conditioners.

This new range of 5-star air conditioners, MSY GR and MSY GR(T) Series by Mitsubishi Electric are ideal for every Indian household. The high energy efficient models provide optimum cooling in every corner of the house.

The models under the MSY GR Series are fitted with inverter technology that save you from high electricity bills, and the MSY GR(T) Series caters to tropical inverter cooling.

The Air Conditioners under both the series maintain effective air conditioning and come with a remote controller that keeps you updated about the functioning of the Air Conditioners, and gives a detailed report, in case of an error.

Also, the unique cross flow fan, which bagged the Guinness World Record for longest running cross flow air, comes with auto vanes that can move in all directions, ensuring every corner of your room is cool and comfortable.

The air conditioners have long airflow and dual carrier coating that ensure better performance and an increased life span. Also, the high-quality filters fitted in the Air Conditioners can catch the finest dust particles and eliminate PM2.5, making sure you inhale refreshed air.

Mitsubishi Electric has always delivered high quality products, keeping customers and the environment on priority.

India is set to experience a hot summer and this new series of Air Conditioners will ensure you beat the heat in an efficient and affordable way.―Money Control

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