White Mart Protests To Article “Pricing Out Competition”

Lan Mark Shops India Pvt Limited, White Mart Group has strongly protested to an article printed in the October 2018 edition of TV Veopar Journal
Letter to the Editor
Subject:  Strong denial to the statement print in Oct 2018 TVJ, under article” Pricing Out Competition”, Against White Mart Group.

It is with deep regret and a feeling of immense hurt, that we are write this mail to you. The issue of TV Veopar Journal of October 2018 has an article ‘Pricing Out Competition’ and in this article on the LED business in India you have made some completely ill-founded, highly irresponsible and malicious comments implying that we, at White Mart, are selling rebranded LEDs through our larger network of outlets across Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

We have been a law-abiding organisation having an impeccable track record in dealing with our principals – be it with large MNCs such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Haier, Panasonic or with large Indian companies such as Havells, Godrej etc. All our principals cherish their relationship with us and consider us as their prestigious trade partners.

We are shocked and completely dismayed that you have made such derogatory insinuations – damaging our reputation that we have built with consumers, franchisees and our principals by sheer hard work, investment of resources, transparent processes for over a decade – leading to establishing of phenomenal trust. We would like to seek from you any evidence that you have – legitimate or even circumstantial that got you make such a frivolous remark against us? Or else we would want you to immediately withdraw the said comments/article and issue a rejoinder across the media that you operate in and where this entire damaging piece has appeared (print, digital subscriptions, web-site etc). Need we remind you that we might be compelled to initiate legal action to claim damages if a corrective action is not taken by you immediately. Signed, Jerry Mathew, Managing Director.”

 Our readers may read the article, Pricing Out Competition, link: https://www.tvj.co.in/pricing-out-competition/

 Editor’s Note. TV Veopar is finding out more regarding this, and shall get back to its readers shortly. As the readers are aware, we are the voice of the industry and trade for the last 32 years. We pride ourselves on accurate and bold reporting. We would go all the way to ensure our news has credibility and does not malign any business house or hurt their reputation in any way.

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