Whirlpool Releases New Washer Dryer

Whirlpool has launched its FreshCare with built-in washer dryer (WFWDC96) that keeps clothes fresh for up to 6 hours after the end of either a washing or drying cycle.

After a wash cycle, the FreshCare+ cycle continues to gently massage the laundry with regular slow tumbling movements alternated with regular jets of steam, which inhibits the proliferation of sources of odor such as bacteria and reduces allergens. At the end of drying cycles, the machine performs a dedicated tumbling action to avoid creases fixing on garments.

Whirlpool Oceania general manager of marketing, Liam Bryers said, “The introduction of the FreshCare+ built-in washer dryer reiterates Whirlpool’s commitment to providing consumers with appliances that tackle their laundry needs and more importantly, frees up time for what really matters most. Days are gone of arranging your plans around the laundry, as we head into the summer we want to be out and about making the most of the holidays, celebrating with friends and family.”

6th Sense technology automatically detects the amount of laundry and, according to the fabric type, chooses the best setting to guarantee optimal performance and saving time, energy and water.

Once the user selects the desired programme, the washer dryer uses advanced sensors to monitor water level, motor torque and temperature. For each programme phase (washing and drying), several algorithms detect and define the best settings according to load type and laundry size.

Whirlpool’s SoftMove system can adapt to every type of fabric through specific motions created by 6 tailored drum movements. Enabled by the Sense Inverter motor, SoftMove selects the ideal combinations of these movement types and the duration of each washing phase – precisely adjusting everything from the initial water intake until the final spinning. The SoftMove system is also available on several drying programmes, preserving fabrics, colors and shapes of clothing.― Appliance Retailer

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