Whirlpool Launches First French Door Fridge Freezer

Whirlpool Australia has expanded its kitchen portfolio, launching its first 4 door fridge – the new  677L French Door Refrigerator Freezer (WQ709005XX) for USD 2799.Whirlpool logo 300×120 Whirlpool Launches First French Door Fridge Freezer. Launching in time for Christmas, the product claims to incorporate several energy and cost saving measures.

According to Australia’s National Food Waste Assessment, the average household throws out 345kg of food annually (USD 8 billion worth). During the holiday season, Australians reportedly spend USD 10 billion on food, with 35 percent sent to landfill.Brand Ambassador, Scott Gooding, asserts the new fridge freezer significantly extends food freshness.

The new French Door Fridge Freezer harnesses Whirlpool’s patented 6th Sense technology, to ensure consistent temperature control.Once temperature changes are detected, the fridge automatically optimizes settings to better preserve food.— Smart House

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