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Washing machine services–Transitioning to video diagnostics and repair

With the crown of most sold large appliances, washing machines is becoming an indispensable part of households. It is a great help especially for the professionals and students staying away from home. Under lockdown, our way of dressing has changed from formals and semi-formals to casuals and comfortable attire. Since the presence of COVID-19 is now being accepted for a longer run like HIV, we keep our sleeves rolled up to fight the disease on all the fronts. To maintain a high level of hygiene, the washing frequency at homes has increased significantly.

It has led to tremendous increase in use of WM at domestic and industry level. Since the incomes of people are significantly affected, they are opting to repair rather than buy new appliances, at least for the current financial year, till March 2021. With more frequent use, the need for servicing is obviously rising significantly, during the lockdown. We have seen the increase in WM service requests by 18 percent as compared to the last year.

WM services become more crucial in such tough times. Its issues can be categorized in four types: noise, leakage, machinery, and PCB faults. While machinery and PCB issues need a skilled technician to repair and fix, preferably at the customer’s place, the former two may be solved by the customer himself with expert guidance.

At 247around, we continue to innovate to enhance the experience in after-sales service. During lockdown, as the technicians’ visits were restricted; we introduced a free national repair video helpline for the home appliances users. Over a video call, we diagnosed the appliance and helped them solve their problems in the first two categories.

Noise issues. A SA WM has two functions, which may face issues: wash and spin. Spin function usually creates noise due to imbalance which may be either an overload of clothes or a slanted floor on which the machine stands. Sometimes if the spin cap is loose, it can be pressed by hand to give it a proper hold.

Wash-function noise issues can be due to the presence of foreign items stuck in and around the wash tub. For instance, a pen, pen cap, coin, or even a pin that may enter the machine may damage the tub. Rarely, small clothes like a handkerchief may get stuck somewhere that may also cause noise. These can be carefully examined by extending the hand to the lower side of the agitators and tub and clear it to save the machine.
For FA WMs, only the imbalance due to slanted floor may cause noise.

Leakage issues can happen in all three types of machines: SA, FA TL, and FA FL. In SA, the leakage may happen in the drain/dump valve. It has a rubber washer below, similar to a spring which holds water in the tub. With regular contact of water, it may turn brittle over time. Salty water will only accelerate the process. The washer can be purchased from the local market and the leakage can be mended by the user himself.

For FA WMs a common complaint is high inlet water pressure which may become unacceptable over time. Secondly, the washers or threading at the joint of the tap mouth may also leak. The taps connected are usually kept on all the time. They can also be turned off or the pressure could be kept on half when not in use.

Other than these cases the appliance will need a technician’s visit to get repaired.

Using this method of self-help free consulting, we were able to solve about 24 percent of the requests received.This initiative added a higher level of delight factor when it comes to servicing.

Ultimately, the servicing needs to take new shapes and forms much needed to grow the business while delighting the users, so that small actions may result in big reliefs.

Transitioning to video repairs means lower costs for brands and instant customer help.

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