Hitachi Announces Merger Of Hitachi Consumer Marketing And Hitachi Appliances

Hitachi, Ltd. has announced that as of April 1, 2019, a new company will be established to provide solutions that offer richer lifestyles for customers. The new company will be formed through a merger of Hitachi Consumer Marketing, Inc. (Hitachi Consumer Marketing), which has been involved in sales and service for home appliances and air conditioners, and Hitachi Appliances, Inc. (Hitachi Appliances), which has handled design and manufacturing. As the lifestyles of customers throughout the world become increasingly diverse due to changes in social structures and the development of digitalization, the kickoff of this new company will bring about an evolution into a business entity that can respond quickly to changes, in order to provide valuable products and services. It will strive to become a lifestyle solution company that improves Quality of Life for people throughout the world, by resolving lifestyle issues close to the customers.

In its 2018 Mid-term Management Plan, and as part of its efforts to become an innovation partner in the IoT era, Hitachi has positioned power/energy, industry/distribution/water, urban, and finance/social/healthcare as its four focus business domains, and is promoting the Social Innovation Business – which strives to resolve issues for customers and for society as a whole – on a global scale. Positioned in the urban domain, and based on the business slogan 360° Happiness, the new company will utilize digital technologies to offer services that improve quality of life and achieve further growth in the products business. In order to respond to diversifying customer lifestyles, by providing products and services, it will deliver solutions to customers’ issues quickly, and in a one-stop format.

Following is an outline of the form that the new company is expected to take.

  1. Listen closely to the voices of customers, and respond quickly and accurately to lifestyle issues

By integrating the value chain, from product planning through to design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service, the new company will reflect the voices of customers throughout the world more quickly and accurately in products and services, and provide solutions to customers’ lifestyle issues.

  1. Create new solutions that leverage the Hitachi Group’s strengths

The company will create new lifestyle solutions by combining its own products and services with the Hitachi Group’s IT, OT, and products. In addition, using the Lumada, it will undertake active measures in new business fields such as “Smart home” and “Smart City.”

  1. Establish an energetic corporate culture comprising diverse human resources

The new company will bring unprecedented value to customers’ lifestyles based on fresh and innovative ideas by combining diverse human resources from Hitachi Consumer Marketing and Hitachi Appliances, and by establishing a corporate culture that is overflowing with energy and where each and every employee can demonstrate his or her full potential.

As a Hitachi Group company handling the Smart Life & Ecofriendly Systems business, which is closest to people’s everyday lives, the new company will strive to expand the Social Innovation Business on a global scale.— Web Wire

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