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Two important pillars of after-sales service of HA – Technology and Micro-warehousing

247around lives and breathes the vision of being the best and fastest after-sales service provider for home appliances in India. With coverage of 19000+ PIN codes in the country, the company’s focus is to enhance speed and quality of service by leveraging technology aggressively and scaling micro-warehouses.

Technology helping us achieve this vision
In the July edition of TVJ, we had mentioned that it is time to modernize not only the manufacturing part of your business but also the after-sales services, the phase that touches your customers most.

We can only do it right when all the functions that go into providing the service are speaking the same lingua. Fortunately, evolution of technology – be it artificial intelligence, analytics, remote diagnostics, or the always-on, omnipresent cloud technology – is the enabling tool available to us.

Technology to integrate all players
We connect, enable, service, and inform all the players in the product’s post-purchase lifecycle through our proprietary CRM platform. It provides: Real-time information about the status to both the customers and the brand to track progress; functionality to guide the onsite technician with adequate information from previous such complaints across other locations and the potential resolution; access to analytics tool and data pool to identify root-cause and provide quick resolution; smart ticketing that integrates all customer touchpoints – be it email/ecommerce/modern retail/retail dealer counter; and us to service customers across all categories as our CRM is scalable and designed such that it allows integration facility for ecommerce players, modern retail chains, as well as conventional retail dealers.

Logistics management is critical and we take it very seriously
We are aggressively leveraging technology to drive this essential part of the service journey.

Through micro-warehouses, we are bridging the critical piece of the puzzle that is essential to reducing the time to service (requiring parts replacement); while our CRM system keeps the stakeholders in loop and informed about the real-time progress on the spare, we are liaisoning in the backend with our partners to facilitate and plan spares, based on forecasting enabled by smart technology; and predictive analytics is, therefore, a backbone that we are making more robust with each service.

Equip the fleet well
Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer – Scott Cook.

At the core we believe that we can serve our customer best by empowering our employees and taking care to develop them to lead the future of customer service. To enable them, we invest significantly in training them on both technical and behavioral aspects. It is important for them to be sensitive and empathetic to the customer who they finally serve. Cloud technology has further boosted our efforts as we have hosted our training document on cloud for handy access to the technician.

Handle the finance too
We must continue to evolve with the changing landscape. We have brought in a GST-enabled finance module to ensure the brands do not have to coordinate with multiple dealers for GST collection. These simple, yet precious, steps help us add value to our partners.

Communication is the essence
When one hand does not talk to the other it is the heart that pains the most. For 247around, the customer spans the entire landscape from ecommerce players and modern retail chains to conventional retail dealers.

Our integrated CRM platform enables us to keep the most important person in the chain – the end-customer – well-informed and our customers reward us with a consistent 4.5 rating.

We chose to do the hard things in the product’s post-sales journey and we love doing it well, by making it simpler, better, and faster for our customers!
With passion in our hearts and modern technology at hand, we are heading fast-paced toward our vision.

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