TV Shipments Slide In Q1 2019

Korea’s Samsung and LG Electronics brands took first and second place in the brand shipment rankings with Chinese companies third to sixth.

Assessing the performance of the former firms — Samsung claiming 9.42 million shipments in 1Q, but with quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year declines of 21.2% and 5.8%, respectively; and 22.6% and 7.1% for LGE — WitsView noted that the two Korean brands were each hoping to secure a competitive edge and raise profitability with the help of high-end products. Even though it said Samsung’s plan was to raise the specifications of its 8K+QLED TVs , while LGE was focusing on expanding its OLED TV markets, WitsView warned that a profit-oriented strategy would likely also impact shipments.

For the Chinese brands, WitsView reported that TCL had shopped 5.69 million units in the first quarter of 2019 year, narrowing its distance with LGE to under a million units. The company announced plans to expand its worldwide presence with investments into TV module production in India. China’s traditional TV brands, Hisense and Skyworth, reached 3.03 million and 2.35 million in shipments in the quarter standing at fourth and sixth place, respectively. After last year, which saw Hisense open sales of OLED TVs in Australia, Hisense will be moving into China OLED TV territory this year. Skyworth, on the other hand, has been and still is LGD OLED’s long-term strategic partner.

Looking forward, WitsView predicted that in the second quarter, small-sized TV panel prices would likely struggle to make a comeback in May due to the lack of improvement in end demand, with TV brand inventory strategies predicted to turn conservative in and overall shipments possibly to exhibit a 1–1.5 % quarter-on-quarter decline.―Rapid TV News

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