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TV sales to jump ahead of world cups

Television sales in Bangladesh increase whenever a world cup, whether it be cricket or football, takes place. So, TV makers and retailers usually witness a festive mood during such events and the 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup and FIFA World Cup will be no different.

Many viewers will purchase big screen TVs ahead of these two major sporting events to enjoy the games at home. With this backdrop, market players are hoping to increase the sale of television sets, particularly the full HD, and 4K models.

These TVs give higher pixel density, cleaner and better-defined picture, with more detail and texture that make the matches more enjoyable to watch.

Although there is no credible source for the market data on TV sales, industry insiders believe the demand is around 27 lakh units annually, which is worth nearly Tk 10,000 crore, or $1 billion, while it was around $636 million in 2020.

Market insiders expect the tally may cross 29 lakh units due to the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

However, they said TV sales are slow at present due to inflationary pressure and impact of the dollar price hike.

Still, they are hopeful the inflation and high dollar price situation will end within the next two months, which would help increase TV sales.

Manufacturers and distributors of TV companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Singer, Toshiba, Walton, Vision, Transtec, Jamuna, Sharp, Konka, and the Minister started offering attractive finance schemes along with introducing several new models of big screen TVs to entice sports-lovers to buy new units.

Some companies have already started promoting their products ahead of the FIFA World Cup as a commercial strategy.

Manufacturers claim that 52 per cent of the country’s television market is owned by local manufacturers with Walton topping the list with a more than 25 per cent market share.

Meanwhile, Singer holds 9 per cent, Minister 4 per cent, Vision 3 per cent and Jamuna 2 per cent of the market share.

The remaining 48 per cent of the market is occupied by foreign companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, Toshiba, Xiaomi and more.

Vision, a concern of Pran-RFL Group, recently introduced a campaign on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup. Some 200 customers will get the opportunity to travel to Qatar by purchasing certain products of Vision Electronics under the campaign.

RN Paul, managing director of RFL Group, inaugurated the campaign at a hotel in Dhaka’s Gulshan on August 23. The campaign will continue until December 18.

“There is a rush to buy various electronic products, including televisions, centering the football world cup. Our local brand Vision is very popular among customers due to advanced technology, attractive designs, superior quality and affordable price. So, we launched this campaign to give something good to the customers,” Paul said.

Besides the trip to Qatar, cashback of up to Tk 1 lakh, a jersey of your favourite team, flag and football are guaranteed prizes for customers who purchase certain products of Vision Electronics.

Lucky winners selected from registrants through an automated lottery every 15 days will get the trip to Qatar.

Vision has brought several new models of LED and smart TVs ahead of the world cup.

And although Transcom Digital, a leading player in the market, is yet to introduce any offer, a company official said they will bring a mega offer within a short time as they have premium quality TVs for premium customers.

Besides, they also have a good number of TVs in stock for mid-level customers, he added.

According to its website, the company distributes three brands of TVs — Samsung, Transtec, and Sony — with prices ranging between Tk 20,900 to Tk 275,900.

Transcom digital has a wide range of low-price HD TVs, full HD TVs, QLED TVs, UHD TVs, curved TVs and smart TVs from different brands.

These technologically advanced television sets allow anyone to enter into the world of entertainment with tons of movies, games, and drama series.

Md Manzurul Karim, general manager of Esquire Electronics, the sole local distributor of Japanese electronic brands General and Sharp, said they will introduce promotional offers for the upcoming world cup in the first week of September.

“We will offer cash discounts, equal monthly instalment (EMI), plane ticket etc,” he said. The Daily Star

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