Truvison Unveils Full HD TW5067

Truvison has launched its newest 50-inch TV – TW5067. Paired with full HD display and amazing picture quality with clear sound technology, redefines viewing experience with big screen. The slim design, narrow bezel, and smooth finish give it an aesthetic appeal. With the pixel resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, the
50-inch guarantees enhanced picture quality. The striking luminous bright display and contrast settings prove it to be the right choice for a balanced picture viewing experience. It offers a widescreen display of 1920×1080p which allows the user to view the media content effortlessly from any angle. Thoughtfully designed, the Cornea technology is a boon for people who have increased TV exposure causing a lot of strain on their eyes.

The 50-inch LED TV gives an advanced sound quality with Dolby Digital Plus sound technology and dual 5 W speakers. It allows users to view their favorite collection of movies or soundtracks with rich and deep audio output. The internal speakers of TV are equipped with the clear voice-2 technology that evenly distributes the HD sound around every corner where it is placed. With the virtual surround sound system, the TV delivers soothing yet amplified sounds.

Sharing data is not confined to just one source anymore. An in-built USB to USB copy function feature lets one to stream and share your favorite shows, photos, music, and movies with two USB sources instantaneously.

The premium graphics experience with HDMI 2.0 features does not mean juncture of new cables or new connectors. But the current high-speed cables (category 2) are capable of carrying the increased bandwidth, enhancing gaming experience. The latest TV at Truvison consumes only 115 W of power, enabling low power consumption for longer use, savings digits in your electricity bills. The product is available with leading retail stores across India.

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