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Trust Of Every Indian Home

Daenyx has been on war footing for the past few years and the marketing strategy has evolved with time. Indian consumers have been the primary focus of the brand and its endeavor is driven to create a strong connect with the TG. The Through the Line approach includes a 360-degree integrated strategy that leverages various platforms such as print, broadcast, social, digital, OOH, on point sales, and retail networks. Daenyx has positioned itself as a brand that promises to Deliver a Happy Life to customers across India with its range of electronics and home appliances. The positioning follows a value-oriented communication with Trust of Every Indian Home. The communication strategy is founded on a simple yet futuristic philosophy that entails the journey of a brand that is committed to bring customer-centric innovation in each and every product that holds the mark of Daenyx.

To create an intimate relationship with the customers and potential buyers, Daenyx briefed its creative agency to leverage outdoor media and retail network with a brand defining concept and communication strategy. The first few tactical messages explored the narrative of bringing ease and comfort to the customer’s daily life. It was achieved by highlighting features and benefits of its products.

Daenyx LED 65-inch UHD smart TV took a route that went along with unmatched clarity of colors along with other advanced features. The communication hit the aspirations of customers who were looking for value while buying the smart TV, and also wanted to make a lifestyle statement. Daenyx washing machines series followed a tactical route along the lines of communication that defined the USP with Extra Care for Extra Stubborn Stains and also mentioned flash clean technology that created a brand distinction. Daenyx hit a home run with this communication, making an instant connection with the potential buyers. Daenyx coolers range created impact with More Cooling for a Cooler You. It was created keeping in mind critical factors like air throw, bigger honeycomb pad, and inverter run.

Overall, the communication was injected with the units and icons, giving clinically impact-creating information about the number of customers and the legacy of Daenyx as a brand. The units included 40 Years of Legacy of Trust and 1.5 crore Happy Customers. Also, Daenyx as a brand strengthened its dealer network across the nation by organizing various dealer meets.

The management intends to continue with the Trust of Every Indian Home theme by bringing in other mediums and exploring platforms.

Daenyx as a brand has fast-tracked on an eventful journey to reach the customers and homes across the country. The communication will evolve and will be improvised with time. However, the core of the communication, positioning, and the brand promise will remain, delivering a Happy Life, and becoming the Trust of Every Indian Home.

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