Toshiba And Wolseley End Supplier Deal

Toshiba Air Conditioning has announced the termination of its supply agreement with UK wholesaler Wolseley.

In what is described as a mutual agreement to end the deal, Toshiba says it will be supplying equipment to Wolseley until 30 April 2019 and spare/replacement parts until the end of October.

A statement on Toshiba’s website thanks the Wolseley Group for its support and business over the last 7 years.

After the cut-off dates, Wolseley’s Toshiba customers are advised to contact Toshiba directly or one of its other specialist distribution partners Cool Designs, Cool Solutions, DYSK, Hushon or GT Phelan in Ireland.

The original agreement signed in 2011, made the Toshiba range available through Wolseley’s 46 Climate Center branches. Wolseley continues to sell Daikin, Fujitsu and Bosch air conditioners.

Toshiba says its ongoing growth strategy is to concentrate its focus and efforts on the direct selling route and the specialist distribution network “which provides significant support and adds value to the supply chain throughout the UK and Ireland”.

In September last year, Toshiba ended its distribution deal with AMP following the Welwyn Garden City based distributor’s purchase by rival manufacturer Panasonic. — Cooling Post

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