The Revolution In The Television Industry Over Years

Television has become household product and has been the first choice of buying in the house over the years in India, it has been observed that the demand for television has increased even in the rural areas as compared to urban areas. The television penetration in China is 100 percent whereas in India it is only 60 percent. The number of TV households in India is expected to reach 200 million by 2020.

Owing to rapid economic growth, India has witnessed a dynamic change in the country’s consumer electronics industry. In the last few years, the industry has been witnessing significant changes in the retail boom, growing disposable incomes and availability of easy finance schemes. One electronic gadget that has brought a new revolution in Indian Electronic Industry is the Television. Today, India is fast emerging as the key driver in the global television market both as a manufacturer and consumer.

With the advancement in technology, the Indian consumer not only wants a variety of products but also demands high quality and services in the products. With the growing demands of the consumers, the television manufacturing industry has witnessed competition among Indian as well as Foreign players. Over the years there we have seen a huge change in the pattern of the television that has been manufactured so far. Initially, it was black and white  CRTVs with long picture tubes, which slowly switched to colour TV’s and it went on from Plasma to LCD’s to LED’s and now its HD, 4K, Smart TV, etc.

The demand for these consumer electronics has been rising with the increase in disposable income coupled with more and more consumers belonging to double income families. Today consumers are spoilt of choice when it comes to choosing a product. This sector has attracted significant investments over the years and billions of amount are spent by the company on R&Ds.

Recently Onida has launched KY Super Thunder with KY Horns which provides maximum sound of 3000 W. Onida has always taken sound platform along with picture quality whereas all foreign players have been focussing on only picture quality.In India ambient noise levels are very high which necessitates high volume televisions, Ondia has realised this way back and had introduced KY Thunder range, which has been very successful. Indians love to watch televisions with high volume of sound.

The size of the television is also a very important factor. With increasing penetration of internet in the market, with apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video days, YouTube consumers are moving from the normal LED to smart TVs. There is a steady rise in demands for smart TV’s and even consumers are being aspirational about the television size. Slowly there is a shift from the conventional 32 inches to 41nch or more.  If we compare India with our neighbouring China over there mostly consumers prefer only a 55inch TV or more.

Television is the most important electronic goods for human beings today. And today we are in the age of digital evangelization where everything is just a click of a button away.

Onida envisages that television is going to be centre of the smart solutions in the house as it has display and can do many things in the house including very important function that is security and operating all other devices in the house.―Deccan Chronicle

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