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The Indian CE and HA market – A Truvison perspective

Right now, our country is all set to clinch the fifth largest position in the consumer electronics (CE) and home appliances (HA) market. Major improvements in consumer demand, rising disposable income, enhanced lifestyle habits, and reduction in GST rates for essential everyday goods are likely to contribute toward the development of our markets. This year has also brought in new trends that are slowly transforming India’s CE and HA industry.

For Truvison, we have seen the CE and HA market grow and evolve. We closely follow global trends with a one-point agenda to provide top-notch products at prices that cater to a wide range of consumers. With cost-efficiency and benchmarking technology, we aim to understand and develop products based on consumer behavior and preferences. We keep a close track on what the consumer demands and design our products preemptively. Our goal is to provide true value for money, products that are loaded with quality, and relevant features at affordable prices.

Our focus has always been on quality, R&D, economic approach and up-to-date products in accordance with the consumers’ needs as well as market demand. The Truvison philosophy is reinforced by technologies like PowerSkrub technology for washing machines, which provides efficient results with reduction in water and power consumption, Turbotek technology for crisp quality audio experience, True Color technology (TCT) for an immersive visual experience paired with Cornea technology, which assures digitally optimized light and colors are displayed on LED TVs, and TruAer technology, developed to ensure consistent output combined with best-in-class air purification techniques while being energy efficient. We will soon be launching our new range of refrigerators (52l, 92l, 190l) while staying true to our philosophy.

Our newly launched line of washing machines is designed to cater to the current needs of the market. After detailed market research and understanding all vital and expected features from a perfect washing machine, we have created, Galaxy (8.5kg) and Terminator (7.5kg), fully-automatic top-loading washing machines models with fully digital displays, auto-power off backing, water-saving efficiency and memory of power interrupt; and semi-automatic machines, the RoboClean (10kg) and Cosmo Pure (7kg), value products, equipped with a water-saving tub, magic filter, auto-power off ability, control panel, and many more features.

While the growth in our industry is formidable, the pressure presented by the climate change and carbon footprint make it imperative for organizations like ours to undertake green initiatives that work toward reducing carbon footprint by recycling or creating energy-efficient technology that promotes green strategies. We at Truvison are dedicated toward this mission.
We are delighted to see that other Indian companies are integrating ecological parameters in their R&D, operations, and marketing agendas as well which have been providing them with an edge against competitors. This will help improve sustainability of the product, increase its reach, and garner acceptance on a wider scale.

We at Truvison are planning to step into the underserved markets and create niche plans, which will be customized as per the demographics and requirements of the local population. Further penetration into the tier-II and tier-III cities is what will be our focus in the coming months. To penetrate such markets, it is imperative that we focus on cost-effectiveness, low energy demand, feature-rich offerings, which we are conjugating in our products to help build a solid customer base. We intend on creating a long-lasting positive brand image with quality products at economical prices in these markets.

In conclusion, the Indian CE and HA market seems to be on a growth trajectory, with high disposable income levels, higher aspirations, and evolving needs of the consumer. We are expecting the market to change faster than expected and in a positive direction. How we evolve continuously in an efficient manner in line with the consumers’ demand is what would define the way ahead and we at Truvison eagerly look forward to it!

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