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The hot-button issue of air conditioners

It is ironic that air conditioning, the widely used cooling technology, will actually make the climate hotter. According to World Economic Forum estimates, greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioning will cause a 0.5-degree Celsius rise in global temperatures by the end of the century.

By 2050 the number of room air conditioners globally will quadruple to 4.5 billion.

American engineer, Willis Carrier designed the first air conditioner in 1902 to solve a humidity problem for a printing company in New York. The first residential air conditioning system was installed in 1914. It was 7 f high, 6 ft wide, and 20 ft long.

Before air conditioners were invented, people used massive blocks of ice to keep cool. Interestingly, air conditioners were initially rated based on how much ice would achieve the same cooling.

Air conditioners are beneficial to those who suffer from asthma because they remove allergens and other small particles from indoor air. Currently manufacturers of air conditioners are trying to reduce their power consumption through inverter technology. The Hindu BusinessLine

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