Dealer Speak

  • Sanjay Gupta

    Sanjay Gupta

    The market has generally been slow be it televisions or home appliances. Dishwashers saw a spurt for a couple of months, but the boom seems to be over for that…Read More

  • Mahesh Mittal

    Mahesh Mittal

    Kota is an educational town, with about 300,000 students residing here. As the pandemic spread, they have all gone to their respective home towns, and the city is absolutely dead….Read More

  • Satish Gupta

    Satish Gupta

    Sales has been good for the last 3 months. In September 2020 we grew by 35 percent over September 2019, in October by 30 percent over October 2019, and expect…Read More

  • Raja Ravichandran

    Raja Ravichandran

    We have no complaints this festive season. Sales has been good across most product lines, LED TVs, washing machines, dishwashers, et al. I understand, there is a shortage of panels,…Read More

  • Bhabesh Kumar Singh

    Bhabesh Kumar Singh

    The market for the dealer fraternity is getting tougher by the day on the back of highly competitive environment. Despite all challenging factors, we are bullish on gaining back our…Read More

  • Yogesh N Heda

    Yogesh N Heda

    The market has been on a decline for the last 3-4 years for small- and medium-sized dealers in the country because of the strong emergence of e-commerce and expanding range…Read More

  • Kulwant Singh

    Kulwant Singh

    2020 has been the most difficult year since we started this business, as the pandemic struck right in the beginning of the year. We were already struggling to increase profitability…Read More

  • Preet Singh Bhatia

    Preet Singh Bhatia

    Our current strategy for gaining profitability is to aggressively market product segments that have gained traction during the lockdown, including televisions, washing machines, and air conditioners. We have even expanded…Read More

  • Manas Roy

    Manas Roy

    We have never seen such a drastic shift in the consumer trend. Even though the majority of our customers has shifted to online shopping, as the fear factor of contracting…Read More

  • P Vadhiraj

    P Vadhiraj

    Since 2018, festive season sales have been lackluster and 2020 is not expected to be any different. We had pinned hopes on Onam, but the footfall turned out to be…Read More

  • P Sreekumar

    P Sreekumar

    We are seeing 10 percent growth in the current quarter as against 2Q2020. Smart TV has become the fastest moving model on our counter. Work-from-home scenario has encouraged the consumers…Read More

  • Harsh Gupta

    Harsh Gupta

    2020 has been the most challenging year in our 25 years of retail business. We have even survived the brunt of e-commerce, but the pandemic ensued with economic disruptions has…Read More

  • Ranjiv Goyal

    Ranjiv Goyal

    Even though COVID-19 has deterred the growth expected for 2020, the pandemic has expedited the transformation process for every stakeholder in the CE, HA, and AC industry. It is not…Read More

  • Kiran Gupta

    Kiran Gupta

    Home appliances saw a surge in demand in our region as consumers’ discretionary spending increased in 2019. NBFCs like Bajaj Finance provided an impetus to demand. Refrigerators and washing machines…Read More

  • Abdul Wajid

    Abdul Wajid

    Refrigerators, washing machines, and water purifiers witnessed the highest growth in sales from our counter in 2019. Frost free refrigerator models gained traction as replacement buying saw an increase. Top-load…Read More

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