Dealer Speak

  • Jaswinder Singh

    Jaswinder Singh

    The washing machines segment is growing. In an up-country market, neither technologies nor features matter. It witnesses only price wars. Fully automatic machines are more popular in cities but in…Read More

  • Bimal Kumar

    Bimal Kumar

    The washing machines market is expected to grow at a healthy 10 percent. We mainly sell semi-automatic washing machines, since they are more in demand in our area. The new…Read More

  • Jayesh Thakkar

    Jayesh Thakkar

    Major challenge faced by us was a substantial price increase in the washing machines segment. This affected our sales, and consumers were forced to purchase a lesser brand than maybe…Read More

  • Kasim Ali

    Kasim Ali

    Since we have diversified our business into retail and opened more outlets, the business is growing. It has been observed that online sales and dealer showrooms in the malls affect…Read More

  • Sandeep Gupta

    Sandeep Gupta

    The biggest challenge faced by consumers is making a purchase decision. The consumers are confused regarding top-loading and front-loading washing machines and their output. On the technology aspect, consumers are…Read More

  • Tarun Aggarwal

    Tarun Aggarwal

    Overall the washing machines segment is growing. The consumer trend is shifting from semi-automatic to fully automatic models. Recently, companies have introduced a new technology of inverter motor for washing…Read More

  • Ravinder Singh

    Ravinder Singh

    Nowadays the consumers have become tech-savvy with a strong knowledge regarding the use and benefits of latest technologies. While making a purchase decision they are already familiar with the technical…Read More

  • PK Biswal

    PK Biswal

    2018-19 saw the advent of an advanced invertor compressor technology, vouched to reduce electricity consumption for consumers and provide impetus to air conditioner sales. This advanced technology has been welcomed…Read More

  • Kishore Punjabi

    Kishore Punjabi

    The television segment saw OLED TV and smart TV technologies gain footprint. The prices have come down, driven by the rapid adoption of OLED displays and the growing investments in…Read More

  • Kanhaiya Lal

    Kanhaiya Lal

    China has introduced a plethora of cost-effective and technologically advanced products into the market, resulting in massive supply and price reduction. When a consumer hits a store, there is comparison…Read More

  • Kunal Mohan Gandhi

    Kunal Mohan Gandhi

    The segment, which has taken a leap forward in terms of technology, is smart TVs. Manufacturers are continuously upgrading technology and smart TVs have set the ball rolling. The sale…Read More

  • Simon Lobo

    Simon Lobo

    The inverter technology gained traction in 2018 and is expected to thrive in 2019 as well. This technology, especially in the air conditioner segment, leads to power saving and is…Read More

  • Jawahar Gupta

    Jawahar Gupta

    During this summer air conditioner sales will surge and the air conditioner market will grow. The companies are very competitive and offer cut-throat deals. The small retailers are hit with…Read More

  • Santosh Kamath

    Santosh Kamath

    The elections will have a major impact; till the elections are over, the market is going to remain sluggish. The majority of the companies are focusing on invertor air conditioners…Read More

  • Port Blair

    Port Blair

    The post-cyclone effect was observed on air conditioner sales for 2 to 3 days. Sales dropped, but when the cyclone subsided the market picked up again. The year 2018-19 emerged…Read More

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