Tarun Aggarwal
Sound and Vision,

Overall the washing machines segment is growing. The consumer trend is shifting from semi-automatic to fully automatic models. Recently, companies have introduced a new technology of inverter motor for washing machines, which lets the machine work on variable speeds and this in turn leads to reduced electrical consumption. The newly launched steam-wash feature is gaining traction and sales are growing. The steam feature is also referred to as a part of hygienic wash where steam cleaning technology is being used and is becoming popular amongst the masses. The reduced GST in 2018 from 28 percent to 18 percent saw consumer demand shift to bigger-capacity machines.

Brands retailed: LG and Lloyd
Washing machine sales from retail counter (2018-19): 400 units
Annual turnover (2018-19): Rs 6 crore
Annual projected growth (2019-20): 10–15 percent

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