Simon Lobo
HVT Appliances,

The inverter technology gained traction in 2018 and is expected to thrive in 2019 as well. This technology, especially in the air conditioner segment, leads to power saving and is hence a preferred choice by consumers. The five-year warranty along with this feature adds to its advantage. On a scale of 10, the after-sales service is placed at an 8. We try and impart information to the buyers about the after-sales services too, and mostly the brands having better after-sales services are preferred. The dual-inverter compressors, and cooling only when presence of humans is detected, are amongst the latest technologies in the market. The government has become firm in adherence to the star ratings program. Most models, which had 5-star rating in the last few years, have come down to 3-star rating. At present, only invertor air conditioners are being granted the status of 5-star and normal invertors are being downgraded to 3-stars.

Brands retailed: Bosch, Godrej, Haier, IFB, LG, Lloyds, Micromax, Ossywud, Panasonic, Samsung, and Whirlpool

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