Sanjay Gupta
New Delhi
Manoj Electronics,

The market has generally been slow be it televisions or home appliances. Dishwashers saw a spurt for a couple of months, but the boom seems to be over for that too. Air purifiers are yet to gain traction.
With the approaching festive season, a lot of hustle-bustle is now seen, but not so much for our products. The marriage season provided some relief, but nothing to write home about. And yes, a distinct shift is seen toward the larger screen, smart TVs as they offer Wi-Fi connectivity.
The e-commerce business is getting more and more aggressive as are the family chains. With higher volumes, they have a better price power with the manufacturers, and that hurts retail counters as ours. In fact, that is prompting the opening of newer outlets by some dealers. Yes, the credit terms are harsher now, and dealer incentives far and few.”

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