Kasim Ali
QnQ Electronics (Ibrahim Brothers),

Since we have diversified our business into retail and opened more outlets, the business is growing. It has been observed that online sales and dealer showrooms in the malls affect the sale of washing machines. However, the effect is mainly felt on the sale of fully automatic washing machines whose consumers are mainly cosmopolitan or millennial, who are much more aware about the technology and brands. The semi-automatic washing machine segment forms around 90 percent of the total washing machine sales but it does not get hampered by online or showroom competition. Technology in washing machines unlike refrigerators, TVs, and cell phones is not given much importance by the consumers. Few select customers may demand features like wash mode, auto control, and the like. On the contrary, the new technologies like wi-fi connectivity and smart app controls are becoming quite popular in washing machines. The latest in the market are front-load, fully automatic machines with 100 percent drum facility, which is a unique selling point though they are priced twice as much and due to premium pricing its sale is not improving.

Brands retailed: LG, Panasonic, Videocon, and Whirlpool
Washing machine sales from retail counter (2018-19): 1030 units
Annual turnover (2018-19): Rs 7.1 crore
Annual projected growth (2019-20): 40 percent

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