Jayesh Thakkar
RA Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,

Major challenge faced by us was a substantial price increase in the washing machines segment. This affected our sales, and consumers were forced to purchase a lesser brand than maybe initially planned for. Another challenge faced last year was no support from vendors. Brands are not advertising nor are they offering any advertising or consumer promotional schemes to the dealers. The only option left is finance schemes, which are strictly specific and tricky for consumers. As dealers, we are left to fend on our own. Not much change is expected on the technology front. When our stocks get transferred from warehouse to consumers, and if the value of goods is more than `50,000 and distance is more than 50 km, it is essential for us to create an e-way bill. However, it has been observed that there is no such requirement in online sales. For instance, Amazon ship’s trucks and goods worth much more in value but is not required to furnish any e-way bill. So why is this differentiation being practiced by the law-makers? We want to focus on front-load washing machine sales as they offer much more customer satisfaction, but are unable to do so because the price of front-load washing machines is two-and-a-half times more.

Brands retailed: IFB, Panasonic, Samsung, and Whirlpool
Washing machine sales from retail counter (2018-19): 1700 units
Annual turnover (2018-19): Rs 35 crore
Annual projected growth (2019-20): 30 percent

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