Deepak Jain
Rishabh Electronics,

There is a lot going on in the Indian air conditioners industry. Energy efficiency and manufacturing indigenization are being aggressively promoted by the government, which is beneficial for the industry in long term but is posing challenges in the current scenario. There have been several price cut and hikes in 2018, which has only created confusion for the consumers. These factors along with unseasonal rainfall have impacted our air conditioners sales tremendously. We experienced 7 percent growth in 2018. Demand is slowly shifting toward inverter models. First-time buyers still prefer window models. We expect 10 percent growth in 2019 in the air conditioners business.

Brands Retailed: Hitachi, O’General, and Voltas
Air conditioners sales (2018-19): 1600 units
Annual turnover: Rs 32 crore
Projected growth (2019-20): 20 percent

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