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Technological Trends Driving Growth In Televisions Industry

The televisions industry has an inspiring past and was considered as the greatest and most significant inventions of the 20th century. Today television has become a part of our day to day life, just like the mobile phone. It has evolved and become a major source of entertainment, advertisement, news, and education.

After decades of watching TV on a curved screen using cathode ray tube technology, consumers are finding these television sets being phased out by flat screen models and models equipped with new technologies. The high technological innovation which is happening every day also presents a good opportunity for the television industry to utilize the latest technology in expanding its production mix or improving the existing ones hence increasing the market.

Television has moved way beyond its years of electro-mechanical rotating mirror-drum scanners and cathode ray tube. With multiple transformations since then, the resolution has been the main playground for improvement over the years and the industry has moved now from HD to 4K and 8K. The latest to enrapture the box is ultra-high-definition. Ultra-high-definition refers to two different resolutions: 4K ultra HD (3840×2160px) and 8K ultra HD (7680×4320px). It is not just the technology that is getting better. This is a golden time for TV, with Netflix producing must-watch shows. The Indian television industry is undergoing a seismic shift. The pace of technological change is accelerating. The ultra-high-definition TVs have become mainstream. These TVs have the potential to boost the difference between the darkest and brightest images a TV can produce, hence higher quality pictures.

The 8K ultra HD is exactly 16 times the resolution of full HD. However, this technology is still at the experimentation stage. The advantage of such high resolution is in the amount of detail you will be able to see. From the petals of a flower in a nature program to beads of sweat on a footballer’s face, pictures will be incredibly realistic and close to real life.

The Indian TV market saw robust growth in 2018. The year marked some remarkable changes in the television market, both in terms of technology and price. The year made a shift from the entry level TVs to smart TVs. The industry overall saw the move towards smart TV and by the end of next financial year, the smart TV market is predicted to move to 50 percent.

The televisions industry is also expected to make significant progress in IoT adoption. IoT would be a game changer in the industry. With an integrated and interoperable ecosystem consisting of device manufacturers and solution integrators; smart and personalized televisions with IoT shall be seen as the big trend in 2019. Virtual reality equipped TV sets and holographic TV may enter the living rooms by the end of the next decade. Android TVs are another innovation that is gaining popularity, and we begin to see mobile viewing and traditional television viewing overlap.

The most recent advance in television is the implementation of smart apps that enhance the viewing experience. Via these launched programs, the user can stream and thereby consume television programmable in an unprecedented fashion. The latest televisions, such as the high-end LG OLED TV, include this functionality that empowers the owner to program their own schedule of the movies and shows which they like watching.

2019 is expected to be the year of cutting-edge technology which will transform the television experience. Looking at the current market trends, enhanced integration of software which is very tangibly expected in the future TVs, big-screens, rich in features with improved quality would be dominant in the years to come.

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