TDK honors its distribution partners in Europe

TDK Europe has honored its best distribution partners for TDK and EPCOS components. The TDK European Distribution Award 2017 was presented in the three categories of international volume distribution, high-service distribution, and local distribution. The gold award went to Avnet Abacus, Digi-Key Electronics, and to the Polish distributor Elhurt Spólka.

This is the fifth time that these awards have been presented in Europe. The highest score this year was attained by Avnet Abacus, therefore recognized with a gold award in the international volume distribution category. Also in this category, silver went to TTI Europe and bronze to Arrow Electronics Europe. In the high-service distribution category, Digi-Key Electronics won the gold award, while silver went to Farnell element 14 and bronze to Mouser Electronics. As best local distributors, Elhurt Spólka in Poland received the gold award, while silver went to the German company Beckmann Elektronik.

This annual assessment of distribution partners is based on TDK’s Senten Manten program. This Japanese term stands for the perfect result that can be achieved with 1000 points. The awards are based on the distributors’ performances and collaboration with TDK in four categories: business development, inventory management, contractual terms, and operational excellence. In order to receive an award, a minimum score of 600 points is necessary.

“I am particularly pleased that we were also able to extend this successful program in China in 2017 and now in Japan and Korea.”

Dietmar Jaeger
Distribution Business Head (TDK-Europe) and Vice President of Global Sales Distribution,
TDK Corporation

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