TCL North America Receives Top Sustainability Award

TCL is recently awarded the Gold-Tier Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA annually recognizes leaders in the electronics industry, like TCL, for sustainably designing products and processes, while also keeping electronics out of landfills by sending them only to certified third-party recyclers.

“TCL is honored to receive the Gold-Tier award from the EPA,” said Jonathan King, Vice President, Corporate and Legal Affairs, TCL. “Since launching TCL Roku TVs in the United States in 2014, TCL has worked to innovate and improve on our already successful recycling and sustainability initiatives. As we continue, we will remain committed to our award-winning programs by further reducing our carbon footprint and providing accessible recycling options for all TCL TV owners in the United States.”

TCL has gained a reputation for constantly pushing the bar forward to make larger and more significant contributions toward a sustainable future. To help improve communities and neighborhoods by keeping equipment and packaging out of landfills, TCL continues to set ambitious sustainability goals for its recycling programs, while increasing recycled TV packaging content and reducing package weight and materials. TCL’s electronics recycling efforts are second to none, effectively doubling commitments year-over-year, while going the extra mile in many states to create convenient solutions for consumers. In 2019, TCL plans to once again double its overall goal, while opening up new drop-off locations in states that don’t currently provide easy or affordable recycling solutions.

“TCL’s commitment to the sustainable management of electronics demonstrates that successful business practices and environmental stewardship can go hand-in-hand,” said EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler. “I congratulate TCL for their leadership and commitment to recycle electronics responsibly.”

EPA will hold a ceremony at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada in January to showcase the innovative work of the winners. The Agency will present the SMM Electronics Challenge Gold Tier Award to TCL and various awards to other recipients. Electronics Challenge participants kept nearly 276,000 tons of electronics from being sent to landfills, instead sending them to third-party certified recyclers. This is equivalent to saving the energy used by nearly 100,000 homes for one year.― PR Newswire

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