TCL Has Growth Ambitions Beyond The TV Screen

During their Power Briefing here at the 2019 IFA Global Press Conference, TCL continued to beat the drum on its status as one of the fastest growing brands in the world in the TV category. They, of course, have every right to do so, considering how they’ve moved into the top two in the TV market for shipment volume around the world, driven by the 28.6 million units they shipped last year. Additionally, their year-over-year sales volume growth was a tick above 23 percent. TCL has been able to achieve that kind of success on the international stage despite the fact that this year marks just the 20th anniversary of the brand entering the “global” market.

Still, TCL wants more.

During his Power Briefing here at the 2019 IFA Global press Conference, Frederic Langin, the VP of sales and marketing in Europe for TCL, explained how the brand wants to expand its international presence and success across more than just the TV category. Outside of North America, TCL engages with the consumer through much more than just a TV set. Internationally, you’ll find T-Home products that include home appliances, and T-Life products that include smartphones.

The plan, Langin said, is to launch new products in each of those sub-TCL brands, as the company aims to carve out significant market share in Europe in both the Audio and A/C categories by 2022.

With regard to the latter, Langin didn’t say much as far as what TCL has planned. But in the audio space, he showed off a whole lineup of headphones and their new soundbar. Collectively, all of the new headphones fit into the active market with three in-ear models and one over-ear headphone. They’re available now through the company’s website—including in the U.S. As for the soundbar, introduced earlier this year, the Alto line marks TCL’s first standalone home audio product in the category.

One line of products that wasn’t touched on at all during the event—but we hope to see later this year at IFA 2019—is the company’s R&D work on foldable devices. The various takes on this new and emerging (and already battered) category were previously shown to press at Mobile World Congress.

As for the rest of the TCL lineup, we’ve heard rumblings about plans to bring their appliances, smartphones, and other consumer electronics into the U.S. market at some point. But there was no confirmation of those plans here.―Dealer Scope

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