TCL Chairman Calls For Better Business Environment For Private Firms

The head of Chinese consumer electronics maker TCL on Tuesday called for fair competition and equal protection for all business entities, which he said would shore up the confidence of private companies.

Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of the world’s third-largest manufacturer of TV set, who is also a deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), made the remarks during this year’s Two Sessions.

“China should further improve the environment for fair competition among various business entities, and further improve the laws and regulations for equal protection of various business entities,” Li said, noting that private businesses have taken up half of the Chinese economy.

Li also said that as a private entrepreneur, he has full confidence in the development of China’s private businesses.

“Forty years ago, China did not have private enterprises. Our generation of private entrepreneurs grew up in the course of China’s reform and opening-up. Without reform and opening-up, we will not have our achievements today,” he said.

He also revealed that TCL would invest 80 billion yuan (12 billion U.S. dollars) in semiconductor, artificial intelligence, big data and smart manufacturing in the next three years.―CGTN

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