Supersize TVs And 8K Essential For Industry Growth

The TV flat-panel manufacturing sector is building a large number of screen fabrication plants in order to supply TV manufacturers with 65” and 75” units.

Sweta Dash, president of market research company Dash Insights, and writing in specialist publication Display Daily, says that a massive number of these latest extra-efficient facilities – with higher yields and minimum wastage of glass and optimized in order to achieve reduced prices as well as supplying viewers with higher resolutions, improved performance and better features.

She highlights that the introduction of 8K displays, which will mostly upscale 4K content, are the next stage in TV panel evolution.

“By 2019, more than 50 percent of the TV shipments will be Ultra HD displays. Even though there is an argument against a real need for 8K TV, manufacturers feel they need to bring in next generation technology to drive demand,” suggests Dash. – Advanced Television

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