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Summer heat may be a thing of the past!  

Experience tropical inverter technology that addresses key consumer needs

India witnesses difficult and harsh summers every year. The season brings heat waves, bright sunny days, and intense warm winds, often accompanied by dust in certain parts. Heat pockets are also created across cities due to the rise in architectural and infrastructural activities. All these combined act as a catalyst in increasing the heat in the cities. As a result, summer in India sometimes exceeds the normal human endurance making it difficult for all.

Thus, one needs an AC that uses robust technology and can provide comfort during harsh summers. Thankfully, there is a solution available. And manufacturers have taken a note of this development.

What has led to demand hike?
First, with disposable incomes increasing, the country has witnessed an increase in sales of ACs, thus indicating the acceptance in the market and the realization that the AC has moved from the luxury category to the household item of need.

Second, the AC manufacturers have been offering new robust technology to cater to the needs of consumers. Manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric, realizing the need of consumers, offers its advance MSY GR (T) series inverter technology for air conditioning — a tropical Inverter technology, that cherishes comfort and provides fast cooling during summer months.

What is tropical inverter technology?
A relatively new technology, it is a mechanism that controls the amount of electricity being passed on to the compressor. One of the biggest differences between inverter and non-inverter ACs is that in the former, the compressor does not cut off, resulting in low energy consumption. This makes the AC efficient and energy-saving.

Innovation and technology companies like Mitsubishi Electric are known to deliver high satisfaction, energy-efficient performance, and minimum impact on the environment. The five-star air conditioners of MSY GR (T) series cater to tropical inverter cooling. They can work in high-temperature zones too. The operational range of MSY GR (T) series is up to 52-degree Celsius (outdoor temperature), with an optimized heat exchanger and the PCBs for improved cooling performance.

The model is equipped with an optimized heat exchanger and high cubic feet per minute (CFM) for fast cooling. Even under the harsh tropical conditions, it is equipped to maintain the rated cooling capacity as 46-degree Celcius and achieve effective air conditioning. The air conditioner also has a “New Remote Controller,” which has a specialty to display the errors code on the remote controller for convenient trouble Shooting.

Best features of MSY GR (T) series

  • Fast cooling: Users prefer fast cooling. MSY GR (T) is designed with utmost care, keeping in mind the customer’s desire to get instant relief from the scorching heat just at the click of a button! For this purpose, the AC throws cool air at high speed for around 30 minutes to bring down the room temperature at comfortably cool level. It comes with intelligent image sensor technology that works according to the number of people in the room and then cools accordingly.

While the market continues to evolve, the annual services and maintenance is what manufacturers are now aiming at. Constant upgrade and maintenance keep the life of the air conditioner long and gives the machine a new life.

  • Long airflow: On one of those hottest days of the season, ACs that cover the entire room space are required. One should not go for the ACs that come with two-way (up and down) swing blade as ACs with the 4D swing function (up-down + right-left) are required for uniform cooling across the room. MSY GR (T) series takes care of this requirement during the tropical heat as it projects air current up to 12 meters and its auto vane control takes care of the 4D air needed to cover all corners of the room. The company’s unique cross-flow fan holds a Guinness World Record for the longest running cross-flow air, which comes with auto vanes that can move in all directions by using the remote. The crossflow fans guide air smoothly along each rotating blade, while air enters and expels.

  • Dual- barrier coating and microparticle-catching filter and high-density filter: Rising air impurity is also a concern due to the threat of air pollution. The trend has raised public concerns and increased the demand for high-precision air-quality sensors to detect PM 2.5. The PM 2.5 has posed a serious problem, causing air pollution and health-related issues in various developing countries. This leads to increased threats of respiratory diseases. Thus, air filtration is one of the most important aspects. And the MSY GR (T) technology takes care of this with the help of its dual-barrier coating (DBC) and microparticle-catching filter (MPC). The DBC in the air conditioner will prevent dust and greasy dirt from getting into the air conditioner and MPC eliminates PM 2.5 and smaller dust particles. PM 2.5 are fine particles in the air and come from vehicle emissions, alongside the burning of wood and oil. The high-density filter can prevent smaller dust from entering the inside of an air conditioner. The microparticle-catching filter helps in keeping the air clean in the room.

Mitsubishi Electric has always been a socially responsible company that comes up with environment-friendly products. Move towards an eco-friendly and sustainable future with our range of inverter ACs.

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