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Stay in and save more with the tropical inverter technology AC

Indian climatic conditions are extreme in nature as temperature touches close to 50°C in many parts of the country. Extreme conditions demand extraordinary products to deliver desired cooling and a guaranteed comfort level, without compromising on efficiency of the air conditioner.

One should not worry about the scorching heat as they can always count on special tropical inverter technology. The AC technology is designed to keep one cool and comfortable with its powerful cooling, and is guaranteed to keep the indoor temperature pleasant without increasing electricity bill.

Now, one might ask: what is a tropical inverter technology air conditioner and how does it work? Tropical inverter air conditioners have inverter technology, well-supported by specially designed compressor and PCBs to perform under extreme conditions. The advanced technology helps to keep the compressor run efficiently at full capacity while keeping PCB cooled all the time, even at high ambient. Simply put, the inverter works like an accelerator in a car. It adjusts its speed as per cooling demand or depending upon the temperature of the incoming air.

An inverter air conditioner works at variable speeds, which enables it to adjust its tonnage to control room temperature as per the requirement of the end-user/room; for example, fast cooling when the inside temperature is very high. So, while purchasing an air conditioning unit, one should ensure that the AC is as per the size of the room and check its heat load, nominal tonnage, and cooling capacity through its model number.

Due to the inversion mechanism, the machine has a soft start with low starting current. It saves a lot of energy by operating at partial capacity as per requirement. It is designed in such a way that it easily saves 30 percent to 50 percent of electricity over a normal air conditioner.

The inverter power control module (Inverter PCB) first converts the input power of the AC to DC power to be able to vary the frequency of the power input. In contrast, non-inverter air conditioners have a fixed cooling capacity and control the indoor temperature by starting or stopping their compressors.

Conventional air conditioners demand high current and power at each start, which consumes more electricity and owing to this operation, the room temperature fluctuates more widely than in inverter AC, which results in uneasiness in the room. As a result, inverter ACs are more energy-saving and comfortable than non-inverter air conditioners.

The following are some factors as to why one should consider getting the tropical inverter technology air-conditioners. Hope this helps make the decision easier!

Low electricity bill. The main advantage of the tropical inverter technology AC is that it uses inverter technology, which has a great performance under harsh atmosphere and saves your electric bills by ending up with low electricity consumption.

Optimum comfort. It is more comfortable to sleep in a room with tropical inverter AC as it maintains constant room temperature. Once the temperature is set, it will remain constant through capacity modulation by the compressor.

Quiet operation. The compressor’s sound is the major source of noise in an air conditioner. However, thanks to special jacket protection on Mitsubishi electric compressor, an inverter AC creates very low noise, compared to a conventional AC.

Fast cooling. With a special feature and the click of a button from remote, the compressor and the indoor fan run for maximum capacity and speed to quickly cool the room, even at harsh ambient conditions.

Therefore, it is safe to say that getting the tropical inverter technology air conditioner is unquestionably the best cooling solution for one’s home.

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