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Space4M builds largest mixed reality smart studio in Taiwan

Space4M, a subsidiary of AU Optronics (AUO) that specializes in smart entertainment integration solutions, has used over 2,200 LED panels to build a mixed reality (MR) smart studio for Shih Hsin University. This LED Virtual Studio (LVS) is the largest of its kind in Taiwan.

AUO explained that Space4M used its strong software and hardware integration capabilities to combine sophisticated LED display technology with real-time image tracking from Hollywood technical teams. This smart studio is a breakthrough for movie making, which previously had relied on post-production using green screens for special effects. Space4M’s solution allows for a “what you see is what you get” instant result.

Shih Hsin University is the first campus in Asia to have a smart studio. AUO will use this cooperation with the university to promote Taiwan’s production and broadcasting talent.

Space4M used more than 2,200 LED panels to form a 15-meter wide, 6-meter high, 270-degree circular screen wall with a canopy; this system encloses an area of 470 pings (1553.7 square meters). It boasts high color coverage and an ultra-high refresh rate of 6,000Hz, which allows for bright, rich, and sharp images. Additionally, its unlimited size and seamless stitching create an immersive visual impact and 3D-realistic effect.

AUO emphasized that this type of giant LED real-time MR smart studio is expected to become a core strategic device for film production in the near future.

Space4M also integrates virtual production technology software by Glassbox Technologies. The technology uses real-time image tracking, highly efficient computing, and real-time rendering to seamlessly fuse images with motion capture, giving filmmakers more freedom in the moment.

Andy Yang, vice president of strategic investment and new business operations at AUO, said AUO and Space4M were honored to participate in the smart studio construction plans at Shih Hsin University. Because this smart studio combines the core advantages of panel human-computer interaction with the ecosphere, it provides the smart entertainment industry with a digital transformation opportunity; furthermore, this smart studio reshapes film and television production processes, according to Yang.

Yang also noted that through this first-ever industry-university cooperation in Asia, AUO expects to integrate the latest industry trends with the academic world. He hopes the LED smart studio will help unleash the creativity of professionals in Taiwan and promote the creative capacity of Taiwan’s film industry internationally.

President of Shih Hsin University Dr. Joe Wu pointed out that the smart studio supplants the traditional production process. It will impact the entire film and television chain and affect the way people are trained in the industry.

As a breeding ground for film and television talent in Taiwan, Shih Hsin University is excited to have the AUO-Space4M smart studio on its campus, said Wu. Its presence will allow students to grasp market trends early on and freely explore their creativity, while also making Taiwan more competitive.

According to AUO, traditional post-production of special effects is extremely time-consuming; however, smart studios provide immediate results, which significantly shortens the production process and allows for more creative freedom. Creators can also more accurately visualize their creations, thanks to the immersive, realistic nature of the studio. Actors can more naturally and intuitively play roles on realistic-looking sets. It can also reduce the time and costs associated with traveling to and from filming locations. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is an ideal solution to help limit movement and group size. DigiTimes

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