Soch Ke Banaya Hai

Godrej Appliances value customer aspirations and believes in offering relevant innovations, in sync with the brand philosophy of Soch Ke Banaya Hai. The campaigns are intended to communicate the thoughtful offerings but in keeping with the mother brand’s promise of brighter living, Godrej continues to engage its audience with a hint of humor.

Service campaign – SmartCare vs BarelyCare. Godrej Appliances took forward its philosophy of Soch Ke Banaya Hai (things made thoughtfully) to its after-sales service, Godrej SmartCare with a series of DVCs. The campaign highlighted the well-thought-out features and the superior experience that Godrej SmartCare provides – be it weekend service, smart vans for faster service, largest genuine spare parts network, +650 service centers, same day installation, service availability up to 9 PM and service at convenient time. The series of seven digital films featured the stand-up comedian, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia. Every film brought out one feature of Godrej SmartCare through a call between the consumer and a fictitious appliance services company called BarelyCare Services. The hilarious conversations that ensue showed the consumer going through a tough time dealing with an indifferent sales representative of a dubious company.

Edge Duo campaign – India ka Naya Fridge. The aim to delighting stakeholders with cutting-edge products and services, led to the breakthrough innovation of the Godrej Edge Duo refrigerator – India’s first single door refrigerator with a separate vegetable drawer. Its TVC highlights how the new Godrej Edge Duo refrigerator places convenience and efficiency at the heart of its human-centric design, with the element of humor. The campaign is set up in the familiar construct of a home, capturing a simple moment against the backdrop of the saas-bahu dynamics in a fresh light hearted contemporary context. In the TVC, the grandmother peeps into the new fridge only to find no vegetables and hence becomes concerned about the nutrient intake of her grandson. To which the grandson upon a nudge from the daughter-in law, introduces her to India ka Naya Fridge with the unique separate drawer for the vegetables.

NXW AC with 6.15 ISEER campaign – Most Energy Efficient. The AC campaign was the first to bring alive the Soch ke Banaya Hai philosophy. When it comes to the usage of ACs given its high running costs, the average Indian is more than cautious. A series of fun TVCs highlighted the time and energy that an average Indian invests in deciphering the nitty-gritties of working of ACs, making the user, no less than Einstein himself. It is a light hearted take on how with Godrej NXW ACs with 6.15 ISEER, the most energy efficient air conditioners in India, the consumer can relax.

Front Load washing machine – with Allergy Protect. In a category synonymous with stains and dirt cleaning, the Allergy Protect campaign aimed to bring attention to other aspects signifying cleaning – like germ removal. It did so with a unique visual of an orchestra of scratches and sneezes which brought alive the problem.

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